A Month of Communications (KAS Ops Support)

US $15

Help our South African volunteer co-ordinators keep everyone informed by sponsoring a month of mobile telephone access.

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Product Description

Co-ordinating all of our ‘on the ground’ volunteers in South Africa is a big job. We have volunteers to pick up and transport squares, others who unpack, sort and record the contents of the packages, a small army of people who sew the squares into blankets, and of course, there are those who drive around the country distributing those blankets to the kids.

To make sure that this all happens smoothly, we need to keep in regular contact with all of these people on the phone and through email.

Your generous donation to the KAS Operations Fund, representing the cost of a month of mobile phone access for a coordinator in South Africa, will help us to keep everything running like clockwork.


* Please note that this donation is strictly representative of the average cost of the activity, as precise costs can fluctuate from case to case. All KAS Ops Sponsorship donations are added to a common fund, used to cover operational costs in South Africa.