Blanket support for a Gogo (KAS Ops Support)

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Support the women who support KAS, and their families, while helping to assemble even more blankets for the kids.

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Product Description

In South Africa, it is often the women of the community who help KAS to assemble squares into beautifully hand-sewn blankets for the children. To help support these women and their families in turn, we sometimes like to provide a small, per-blanket payment in appreciation.

By supporting these payments, you are supporting these women, their families, and their communities, all while helping to get more squares into blankets for kids.

Your generous donation to the KAS Operations Fund, representing a blanket payment for one of our volunteers, will help us to assemble blankets while also empowering women in local communities.


* Please note that this donation is strictly representative of the average cost of the activity, as precise costs can fluctuate from case to case. All KAS Ops Sponsorship donations are added to a common fund, used to cover operational costs in South Africa.