Calendar 2014

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The calendar will work all year to spread the word about KasCare’s knit-a-square program and the work we are doing for the AIDS orphans and abandoned children of South Africa.

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Product Description

The e-calendar is 14 pages (US letter, but it prints very well on A4 as well), with beautiful full color photos on the cover, and smaller photos of the kids and the blankets on each of the month-to-a-page views. The calendar also comes with a description of KasCare, Knit-a-Square and KasKids™ for your friends’ and family’s benefit, and inspirational quotes to help remind us all of what we can achieve.

For your own use, you can print out the calendar on your home printer or have it commercially printed and spiral bound. Make sure to check out the links in the electronic copy as well though!