Heritage Blanket Pattern Book

US $9.95

Heritage Blanket uses easy knitting patterns and the wonderful array of yarns available today to take you on a creative knitting adventure.

Product Description

This e-book has been designed as a testimony to the inner artist in us all. And especially for those who pursue knitting as a passion. Every time you choose yarns, colours and knitting stitches, you’re an artist, making choices as a painter must before applying paint to canvas.

Creative knitting is more than being able to knit. You don’t have to be an advanced knitter to work the magic of these knitting stitches from textures, colours and lustrous shades of wool and yarn. Each ball or skein is a work of art in itself.

It’s all in the combination of colours and textures. The beauty and the art of this blanket will unfold as you knit each small block. And a knitted canvas of infinite visual and sensual pleasure will be yours to enjoy when they are all stitched together.

This ebook contains guides to:

  • Colours, textures and patterns
  • Choosing the colours
  • Working with texture
  • Yarn weights, gauge and types of yarn
  • Needle sizes and yarn weight comparison charts
  • Blocking
  • Finishing off blocks
  • Laying out the blocks
  • Collecting and joining
  • Edging the blanket
  • Techniques for beginners
  • Easy knitting patterns

There are 96 blocks in the blanket which measures 5′ x 6.6′ or 1.5 x 2m. There are six block patterns per page, numbered from 1 – 96, with clear and simple knitting instructions for you to follow. Each block is illustrated so that you can clearly recognise the knitting stitches being used.

You are the artist, so you can change the blocks around, knit different stitches and change the variation of the stripes and choice of colours and textures on every block. The patterns are there to follow if you choose, or to act as an inspiration for your own creative flair.