Sewing kit for a Gogo (KAS Ops Support)

US $9

Help older women in the communities to assemble blankets, and learn the skills to make their own hand-crafted items, by buying a sewing kit.

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Product Description

Our wonderful team of Gogos (older women) in South Africa use these sewing kits to make up all of the donated squares into blankets, but that’s not the end of it. A sewing kit also makes it possible for them to repair or even make their own clothes, blankets and other valuable items.

Depending on individual needs and interests, a sewing kit might include some combination of scissors, needles, thread, pins, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, fabric, or various other vital crafting tools and materials. Your donation will be helping these women to help us, and to help themselves.


* Please note that this donation is strictly representative of the average cost of the activity, as precise costs can fluctuate from case to case. All KAS Ops Sponsorship donations are added to a common fund, used to cover operational costs in South Africa.