Snacks for a Distribution (KAS Ops Support)

US $25

Help make blanket day extra special by sponsoring some delicious fruit and snacks for the kids.

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Product Description

For a group of orphaned or at-risk children crèche, blanket distribution day is a very special occasion. The arrival of the colourful bounty of blankets, hats and toys is welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm.

To make the celebration complete, our volunteers will often bring along snacks and fresh fruit for the kids to munch on while they are waiting for their beautiful treasures to be handed out.

Your generous donation to the KAS Operations Fund, representing the cost of fruit and snacks for a distribution, will help us to make Blanket Day a real celebration for these orphans and children in desperate need.


* Please note that this donation is strictly representative of the average cost of the activity, as precise costs can fluctuate from case to case. All KAS Ops Sponsorship donations are added to a common fund, used to cover operational costs in South Africa.