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Teacher Guide

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Make a difference in your students’ lives, as well as the lives of orphans and children at risk in Africa. Start here with this 40 page, beautifully illustrated teacher resource.

Product Description

Dear Teacher,

In your busy day-to-day activities, you may not always have time to come up with new and engaging programs that really capture your kids interest, let alone start them on the journey of becoming great global citizens!

What if in starting them on this journey, you were also able to teach them a meaningful and practical skill?

This guide contains four well-laid out lesson plans, which logically introduce your students to the problem and make them part of the solution and include:

  • Class room activity hand-outs
  • Tonnes of background information to assist you
  • Clearly illustrated knitting instructions
  • Ideas for creative knitting
  • Fund a square™ – easy fund-raising for yarn and postage
  • Clear instructions for getting your kids squares safely to South Africa
  • A safe and welcoming knitting/charity online community
  • Giving great tips and advice

The teacher resource, Make a difference in an AIDS orphans’ life includes four simple lesson plans – each with background information for teachers and classroom discussions and activities for the children.

Lesson one: Sharing stories about AIDS orphans, understanding their plight

  1. Why do we need to help the AIDS orphans of southern Africa?
  2. What do you know about southern Africa?
  3. How many AIDS orphans are there?
  4. How can you help?

Lesson two: Giving and getting

  1. Why should we give
  2. The importance of team work
  3. Knitting and giving
  4. Fund-raising activities, including ‘Fund a Square™’

Lesson three: Learning how to knit and knitting squares

  1. Properties of wool and yarn
  2. History of knitting
  3. Knitting lessons: learn to knit and practice by knitting 8”/20cm squares

Lesson four: Wrapping up

  1. The importance of team work
  2. Messages of hope for the AIDS Orphans
  3. Sending the squares

Even if you can’t knit, don’t panic! We want to involve children all over the world in the joy of giving, but we also want to involve you. The knitting instructions are so clear that it won’t take you long at all to master this craft, which is making a come back all over the world.

Everyone wins! The AIDS orphans, your children, you and knit-a-square.The teacher resource is packed full of information and wonderful photographs of the children and their blankets. This is a one off purchase, you can use this program year after year.

Your donation supports knit-a-square to continue our work in making these children warm, and in raising awareness of their plight.

It is an investment in your children’s future and in the future of the AIDS orphans.